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Websites, Online Shops, Marketing, SEO

Web Design Frankfurt. We create professional websites for our customers, with clear designs and user-friendly interfaces. We develop websites in different styles, suitable for the respective industry. With years of experience we have always kept up with the times. We create modern webpages, contemporary in their functionality, “responsive” adapted to all devices and search engine optimized. Because SEO is the key to the success of your website.

Online stores (webshop / e-commerce) are also important economic pillars for which we would be happy to be your developers. We would like to create an attractive appearance for you, with heart, passion and a sense for fresh design ideas. Our preferred system is WordPress, a professional website software that serves as a full-fledged content management system (CMS). Write us!

Mobile First

Today, more users surf via mobile devices than via conventional desktop PCs. “Mobile First” is the keyword.
Since we have been building websites “responsive” without it for years, i.e. adapted to the different media, we are of course particularly elaborate in the smartphone version in portrait mode. For one thing, the challenge is a greater one. The button that was perfectly suited for the desktop may no longer fit on the narrow screen. In the best case, the photo gallery may only have one or two columns. And the loading times should be kept particularly short in mobile areas and so on. And on the other hand, everyone uses it by now. Smartphones are being used for the Internet more than ever before. And it is going up and up. We build your website adapted to the smartphone. Write Us!

Responsive Webdesign.

Webpages, adapted on all screens.

Responsive websites are pages adapted to different end devices. In recent years this point became more and more important when creating a webpage. Users are using their tablet or smartphone more and more to surf the Internet. The better, cheaper and faster connections make this possible. In order to make websites user-friendly, the pages have to be adjusted on the different screens. This means that you should be able to view the information on your home PC and on a smaller notebook just as well as on smartphones and tablets. It also means that the website should be perfectly aligned in portrait mode and in landscape view. The responsive web design is now so important that even Google prefers websites that are created responsive.
And another interesting point: More users now use smartphones and tablets than the traditional desktop PC. This is called “Mobile First”.
Responsive Websites. A few years ago it was still a question of faith. Today a must: Write us!.

WordPress | A declaration of love.

WordPress. Originally the system was developed as a weblog. Many years later WordPress has established itself as a professional website software and can be used as a full-fledged content management system (CMS). You can create different users / employees with customized access rights. Thereby your online-presence will not only reflect the professionalism of your company, but you can also update the webpage independently. Change your Pages anytime and anywhere. </All you need is a Internet access. You can even update the pages via Smartphone (cell phone) the contents.
Through the offers of countless free or inexpensive plugins, you don’t have to reinvent the wheel for every module. Here you can save time and money. With the WordPress system you can now create absolutely high-quality, contemporary websites. And it is constantly being further developed.
We love WordPress.

The advantages of a WordPress website

  • Modern
  • Clearly arranged
  • User-friendly
  • flexible
  • individual
  • dynamic
  • Responsive
  • Easy to update
  • Time saving
  • cost saving


Increase of success.

Online marketing is all about reaching more users on the WorldWideWeb. Whether search engine marketing, e-mail marketing or social media marketing, the focus of every effort should always be a specific goal, such as increasing visitors, page views, etc.
To achieve these goals you can use search engines like Google, Bing etc., social media (Facebook, Instagram etc.), email lists and/or your own website.
The goal of marketing is to increase the conversion rate.
Conversion is the transformation of a user’s status into a new status. For example, the conversion of an interested user of your website who becomes a customer.

The target:

Increase the following points.

  • Pages statistics
  • Sales
  • Downloads
  • Contact requests
  • Registration

Advantages of online marketing

In contrast to classical advertising measures, online marketing offers a number of important advantages.

  1. Low scattering losses through targeted targeting.
    With online campaigns you can define your target group precisely. Channels such as Google Adwords or Facebook offer, among other things, the possibility to specify the age, profession, interests, place of residence, education and relationship status of the target group.
  2. Full cost control.
    For example, you only pay if someone clicks on your advertisement. This means that costs are only incurred for access by users, which can also be converted into customers.
  3. Precise measurements possible.
    The success of the campaigns can be precisely recorded statistically using sophisticated tracking technologies.
  4. Flexible adaptation.
    The texts, images, budgeting and delivery can be changed and adapted at any time.

Internet Marketing Mix

In digital marketing, it is important to identify your target group and reach them at the crucial point with targeted messages. There are various levers that can be set in motion to achieve this. For example, search engine optimization (SEO), content marketing, PPC advertising (pay per click advertising), social media or e-mail marketing. Our goal is to find the right strategy for your business model.
Our offer is aimed at the self-employed, start-ups and small and medium-sized companies. These can be company websites, blogs or online stores.
We are your partner for the following products: Online stores, search engine optimization (SEO), newsletters, website texts (content), landing pages, desktop ads and analytics reporting.
Make your indicative request.

Sell online – webshop for physical or virtual products

Do you need a comfortable online store that is easy to manage? We offer you a practice-proven solution with

  • maximum profit participation,
  • simple administration and
  • automated ordering and payment processes.

The user can order your product directly via the website. For downloads, the process is fully automated. After the order is placed, the buyer can pay via a payment provider such as PayPal or Stripe (alternatively, invoice or classic bank transfer are also possible) and will then automatically receive the order confirmation, invoice and download.
They do not have to do anything, receive a confirmation email from the store with all relevant information about the order and can track all processes online.
In the case of physical products, the store will also inform you in good time if there is a shortage of goods.
Of course you can adjust and change your prices and products at any time.

Further advantages:

The store is adapted to smartphones and tablets in terms of display and operation. In addition, each product page can be optimized for search engines. In addition to the product pages, there is also an overview page, category pages and a shopping cart function.
Our webshop solution is also designed for the German market. All texts have been translated, the VAT is shown correctly and a revocation instruction is also available.