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Websites, print and Corporate Design – made in Germany: agenturblank is a creative medium design enterprise with seat in the metropolis Frankfurt/Main. Our offices are located behind the classic brick facades of the Cassellapark.
We develop brands with associated digital design of all advertising media. From corporate design, print design and website development, through the creation of photos and texts, to image films, you get everything “hand-in-hand”. Everything from one agency.
Another of our main focuses is the production of “touchable” advertising, such as flyers, annual reports, brochures, packaging, etc.

In addition to professional, attractive design we want to remain true to our philosophy of always designing websites, presentations and print elements with a high degree of user-friendliness. The art is to create more – with less. Puristic and clean. We treat our clients’ orders as if it were our own branding for which we work. Always with heart and passion for creativity and attention to detail. We are always there for our clients and we also deal with urgent requests.
We have a broad portfolio of clients from a wide range of industries. And we support various agencies in their work.