Identity crisis? Not with us.

Corporate Design. Corporate Identity.

We create your branding.

No question: The logo, the Corporate Identity (ci), the word-picture-mark (also picture-word-mark), which reflects the identity of your enterprise, is the most important thing at first. All other things – advertising material such as business cards, flyers, website and so on – are based on your company logo and build on it. We create the individual trademark for your company, your product, your idea. We determine colors and shapes according to traditions, philosophies and target groups, suggest fonts and, if desired, take care of the creation of all advertising material.

We convert these characteristics into a suitable overall company design, the corporate design (cd). We also refresh existing company logos and redesign your advertising products. In recent years we have supported numerous business start-ups and successfully created graphic recognition. By the way: We also offer complete packages for business start-ups. Write us!

Some brandings from our company

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